5 Ways to Speed Up Your School Run Morning!

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School Run Tips

Parents are you the ultra organised type or running around like a headless chicken? We’re talking about the school run!! There’s no doubt mornings can be quite stressful when everyone needs to be somewhere by a certain time. Then there’s remembering who needs to take what, whose on school dinners or packed lunch and what they need for after school activities. That doesn’t include you getting ready either!! Are you getting ready for work, errands, appointments, meetings, need to take lunch…. ARGH!!! The list is endless!!!!!

And that’s just Monday!!!!

Never fear though guys, we’ve put together this handy list of tips to help you make mornings run just that little bit smoother…

1. Lay out clothes night before.

Scrambling around for school uniform can cost valuable minutes so save the stress by laying out each persons uniform the night before. Make sure you include every layer too, finding the right cardigan can make the difference between on time or lateness. Don’t forget to lay your clothes out too including jewellery and shoes – it’ll make all the difference! You could go the extra mile and get specific hangers for this task and get the kids to do this preparation the night before themselves.

2. Pack bag, snack and after school club items and place by front door.

There’s no denying that the school week can include many different activities, especially if you have more than one child. Remembering what everyone needs each day can be overwhelming. You can beat this!! Get a wall calendar, write down everyone’s after school commitments. Then each evening, check the calendar and get everyone’s bags ready for the next day. Include everything! Snacks, trainers, parent authorisation slips, PE kits.. then place right by the door so there’s no way you can forget it.

3. Get bowls and spoons on table night before.

If you’re a cereal family or toast on the go, there’s still a way to speed up your morning. Clear the table or worktop then set it as if you were about to eat breakfast. Plates, utensils, glasses… anything that doesn’t need to be in the fridge can be put out ready. This will make sure the older children can even start without you!

4. Find pairs of shoes and place by the door.

The dreaded shoe monster… Do you have one in your household? There’s always that one pesky shoe that can’t be found especially when you’re in a rush!! Solve this by placing all shoes by the front door in pairs. Then there’s no arguing, fighting or messing about on the hunt for the missing shoe!

5. Set alarm for 15 minutes earlier and start getting yourself ready first.

You might not like the idea of this tip but trust us, it works!!! If you can, get up 15 minutes earlier and start getting ready yourself. Even if this is having a wash, getting dressed, brushing teeth.. anything that can help you feel like you have the morning under control. This will get you in the right mindset that you can make the morning routine that little bit more efficient and reduce stress – which as a parent is always a good thing!!