7 School Fundraising Ideas for Red Nose Day!

comic relief fundraising in work

Fun Ways to Raise Money for Red Nose Day in Schools!

Are you on the PTA at your children’s school? Perhaps you volunteer to help out or the school have asked children to come up with some fundraising ideas for Comic Relief on 15th March. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help with these 7 awesome child-friendly fundraising ideas!

1. Cake Sale

An oldie but a goodie!! Teachers, parents and even the kids can bake cakes and sell them on Red Nose Day!!

2. Fancy Dress or Dress Down Day

Each child can donate 50p to Red Nose Day and the school allows the children to wear fancy dress to school for the day. The school could say it’s fancy dress or wear red clothes for the day – nice and easy!

3. Have a Word Jar

Each class has a glass jar and tickets* in the classroom. Every few hours the teacher decides on a word that the children are not allowed to say. Every time a child says the forbidden word, they have to put a ticket in the jar. At the end of the day the teacher has to count up the tickets, each one is valued at 1p. The teachers total up the whole schools total and then the teachers split the total and donate to Red Nose Day.

*Tickets can be made by cutting coloured paper or card into small squares.

4. Name the Teddy Bear!

The school can ask the children to donate a teddy bear or the school can buy a new one. The teachers create a list of 100 names. The headteacher can choose one name which becomes the winning name. During the week running up to Red Nose Day, each child pays 50p to choose one of the 100 names. On Red Nose Day, the winning name is announced and the winner takes the teddy bear home!

5. Sell Red Noses

This is a classic but the school can sign up to Red Nose Day here and sell red noses to school during the week running up to Red Nose Day. Then all the children wear their noses on the big day!

6. Hold a Raffle

Again, another oldie but goodie! The school asks children for donations for raffle prizes. Then the school can sell raffle tickets during the week and hold the raffle on Red Nose Day and give out the prizes.

7. Classroom Pop Quiz

Each class teacher creates a fun 10 question quiz appropriate for the class pupils plus a badge for the winner. Each child pays 50p to enter the quiz. The teacher holds the quiz on Red Nose Day and the winner wears the badge for the day!

Don’t forget to claim your free fundraising pack from Comic Relief! You can even get a fundraising pack specifically for schools here too!