7 Work Fundraising Ideas for Red Nose Day!

comic relief fundraising in work

Fun Ways to Raise Money for Red Nose Day in Work!

We’ve just put together a guide on ways to raise money in schools for Red Nose Day but what about the parents? Well we’ve put this guide together for anyone working and how you can have fun while raising money too!

1. Swear Jar

It won’t matter whether you work in an office or on the side of the motorway, we’re sure you have a work colleague or two who are prone to dropping a swear work now and again. Raise money by charging them everytime they do!!

2. Fancy Dress or Dress Down Day

Just like the kids, if your work allows, donate £1 to wear fancy dress or red clothes to work for the day.

3. Great ‘Work’ Bake Off!

Have a bake sale competition. Each colleague bakes a cake (no bought cakes allowed!). The boss chooses a winner (just for a fun) and everyone pays for a slice a cake to raise money.

4. Get Sponsored

Choose a challenge that has been on your bucket list for ages. Get your colleagues to sponsor you and when you complete the challenge, donate the money raised to Comic Relief. You could go one step further and find something in the Guiness World Records to try!!

5. Wear Red Noses!

You can grab some red noses from the website here and sell them to colleagues during the week running up to Red Nose Day. Then everyone wears their noses on 15th March!

6. Silence Hour

Just like a sponsored silence but a little different. At your busiest or most social hour at work, challenge everyone to be quiet. Those that can’t or speak by accident, donate cash to Comic Relief.

7. Colleague Quiz

How well do you know your work mates? Have fun with a work quiz! For every question that people get wrong there’s a 50p charge and the total gets donated to Comic Relief!

We hope these help you have fun this year and don’t forget to claim your free fundraising pack from Comic Relief!