About Mila & Pheebs

The team at Mila and Pheebs are obsessed with all things stationery and we pride ourselves on creating the most jam packed, exciting and entertaining craft boxes EVER!

Bright craft kits, novelty stationery and fun activity sheets are designed, curated, tested and packed for when that box is opened and a whole explosion of items break out. We really are the ninjas of packing, so you’ll be amazed how much we can get inside just one Mila and Pheebs box.

We are also extremely fussy when it comes to selecting your items, so you know we only select the best of the best. If it doesn’t excite, it doesn’t go in!

We’re now shipping worldwide, so thank you for keeping us busy. We know you love the fact that with Mila and Pheebs, the creativity never ends.