Chinese New Year Craft Idea for Kids

In UK, 5th February 2019 doesn’t strike as a date we may know. That is until you try and order a Chinese take away to discover your local and reliable Chinese restaurant is closed!!


They’re most likely off celebrating…

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is celebrated on the start of the lunar new year, meaning the start of a new moon. It always falls between 21st January and 20th February and this year it falls on Tuesday 5th February.

Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival and is the most important celebration in the Chinese calendar. Each year is named after one of twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac. The animals in the zodiac are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig and each animal will be featured every twelve years.

2019 – Year of the Pig

This year is the year of the pig, where in Chinese astrology, the pig is a mild and lucky animal representing carefree fun, good fortune and wealth.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

To mark the occasion, people will eat lots of yummy food, decorate their homes with colourful decorations, hang red lanterns, enjoy bright fireworks and wear special outfits. As the longest festival in the Chinese calendar, Chinese New Year can last as many as 15 days with children in China taking an entire month off school.

So to celebrate Chinese New year in Mila and Pheebs style, we thought it would be fun for children to colour, decorate and use their own Chinese Zodiac Wheel. They can discover what their Chinese zodiac animal is for their year of birth and see which animal will be celebrated in 2020.

Chinese New Year Free Craft

Simply click here and download a PDF of the Chinese Zodiac Wheel. Print off as many times as you like. Let children colour, decorate and be as creative as they can, then simply push a split pin or pipe cleaner through the middle of both templates. Ensure the template with our Mila and Pheebs logo is placed on the top.

Chinese New Year Joke

And finally, we’ll leave you with this:

How do pigs write secret messages?

With invisible oink!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!