Festive Food Inspiration for Kids

Disclaimer: you’ll be hungry after reading this…

festive food for kids

Food Inspiration for Children this Christmas

Now that November is in full swing, it’s a good time to find inspiration for the people who really make Christmas special – the children. Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the gift side of things but actually Christmas is more about spending time with loved ones, having fun, laughing and definitely easting tasty treats!!

Festive Treats

One of the best things about Christmas is the different variety of food available in the stores, the extra special double cream, chunky chutneys, Christmas puddings.. we could go on. Whilst the supermarkets have a whole array of delicious foods for Christmas, we have also found some great and unique ideas that creative people have made using everyday foods but in a festive way so, we thought we’d start our first blog of the festivities with inspiration we’ve found on the internet for simple but effective Christmas food ideas and we’ve added the links so you can find more about each one too.

Christmas Crumpets

Asda already have their Christmas crumpets on sale so no doubt you’ll find these on the end of the aisles and in other supermarkets too. Why is it that a crumpet in a different shape seems so exciting?!

Reindeer Quesadilla

These Reindeer Pizza Quesadillas from Eats Amazing are a great lunch idea for the children during the holidays, especially if you have a group of children to entertain for the afternoon. You can swap out ingredients to make them different every time and use fruit to decorate if the children don’t like olives. The pretzels make great reindeer ears so you could use this as inspiration for other reindeer inspired treats!





Super Cute Strawberry Santas

How easy are these cute strawberry Santas from Tesco. Very easy to do and a really good idea for finger food at parties. You could use bananas and pretzels to make matching reindeers too!





Watermelon Christmas Trees

Ok so this one is a bit more time consuming but look how effective! Created by Cooker and Looker these watermelon Christmas trees will ensure the children get one of their five a day in a really fun and festive way!





Melting Snowmen Cookies

If you’re a baker, these melted snowmen cookies will definitely get some attention. that said, even if you’re not a baker, you could decorate bought biscuits or cookies in the same way.






We found the image on Pinterest which of course has tons of inspiration for Christmas treats but hopefully these have given you some tasty treat inspiration and you’re looking forward to the festive fun as much as we are!!