Glow in the Dark Kids Craft

You may have to stay up late to appreciate it!

We couldn’t resist sharing this glow in the dark kids craft!!

Ok so perhaps August isn’t the best time to show a Glow in the ‘Dark’ craft activity for the kids but.. because the craft works best when it’s been exposed to light, this glorious sunshine will give your craft maximum glowing power!!

All you need is a clear, empty plastic bottle or jar, glitter glue, hair gel, super glue, glow in the dark paint and stars for decoration. You can make your bottle glittery, sparkly and in any colour you want!

How To:

  1. Squirt some glitter glue into the empty bottle (make sure the bottle is clean before you begin!).
  2. Squirt a small amount of the glow in the dark paint into the bottle.
  3. Fill the bottle halfway with hair gel.
  4. Add some drops of water to thin out the liquid so it’s not too thick.
  5. Add the rest of the hair gel until the bottle is almost full.
  6. Shake to mix the paint and glitter.
  7. Add the stars.
  8. Superglue the top of the bottle to avoid it leaking.


  • Ensure the bottle is sturdy so it won’t break or leak if children play with it.
  • Make sure the super glue is entirely dry before shaking the bottle.
  • Why not decorate the outside of the bottle for an extra sparkly effect!

Here are a few examples of our favourite Glow in the Dark bottles!

Creepy Crawlie inspired





We’re not sure how this would work but it looks amazing!





Everyday use glow in the dark bottle.




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Image provided by where you can get more inspiration for Mason Jar Crafts.