Halloween Drink Ideas for Kids

Great for making your October event a truly spooky one!

halloween for kids

Halloween Drink Ideas for Kids

Are you hosting a Halloween party for your kids this year? Finding great ideas for decorations and themed foods isn’t too challenging, but sometimes it seems a bit boring to just have juice or lemonade to drink when you have a table full of spooky treats! If you’re searching for inspiration for Halloween drink ideas that your kids are going to love we’ve got some creative suggestions for you.

A Spooky Fog

There’s nothing more terrifying than a drink which appears to have fog coming out of it! Add a hint of green and some gummy worms and you’ve got a witches brew that is going to seriously impress! Get a bottle of limeade or any other green-coloured soft drink. Throw in a packet or two of gummy worms and then add a small amount of dry ice. You could even add spider ice cubes! Simply put plastic spiders in an ice cube tray, add water and freeze as normal -Just brilliant!

A Pumpkin Lantern Milkshake

Which child doesn’t love a creamy milkshake? And what could be more in-keeping with the spooky theme than serving one in a homemade pumpkin lantern mason jar? All you need is an ordinary mason jar and some orange and black paint. Paint the outside of the jar with orange paint and then paint on a spooky face in black (remember to leave the rim paint-free). Once you’re done and the paint is dry, it’s time to fill up the jar with your kids’ favourite flavour of milkshake, pop in a straw and you’re good to go!

For more milkshake ideas check out Artsy Momma.

Witches Chocolate

Halloween can be a chilly night, especially if you’ve been out trick-or-treating. Warm the kids up with a mug of witches hot chocolate. Make a mug of instant white hot chocolate and add a couple of drops of green food colouring. When it’s gone just the right shade of swamp green, add a couple of marshmallows and a gummy worm for good measure. Yummy!

You can even change the witches chocolate to a monster chocolate – check out this recipe from Taste of Home!

Halloween Punch

Are you hosting a kids’ party this Halloween? You’ll need a drink that can serve lots of children at once and Halloween punch is the ideal solution. All you need is a large bowl (or plastic cauldron would be even better), some frozen lemonade and a thawed pack of frozen strawberries. Mash up the strawberries in the bowl until they look gooey and bloody. Add the frozen lemonade on top and crush it up until it looks lumpy. Pour ordinary lemonade over the top and then add a few raisins to look like floating bugs. Line the rim of the individual glasses with sugar dipped in red food colouring for a truly spooky brew. Still need a recipe, check out this great Halloween juice idea from purely katie.

Healthy Potion

If you’re looking for a way to counteract the un-healthiness of all the chocolate and sweets that your kids will be snacking on at Halloween, this healthy potion is the ideal drink. It contains no sugar but still tastes fantastic. Just blend together some unsweetened coconut milk with orange extract and orange juice for a creamy and fruity treat. Add a ghostly straw and the kids won’t know that they’re drinking something that’s good for them!

Hopefully we’ve given you some creative ideas for the spooky season but if you still need more tasty treat ideas, have a look at parents.com for other great ideas! Happy Halloween!