How to Limit your Childs Device Time

Yes – it can be done and we have a free printable for you!

With the summer holidays in full swing, you may be looking for ways to keep the children entertained and we’re sure most of you have used the iPad, tablet or TV at some point in the last few weeks. Devices can be so useful, especially when you have an active child who wants to help you around the house or be engaged with an activity but you have the dinner to cook… sound familiar?

The only problem is that devices can become addictive and children can be prone to spending hours on a device, even when the beautiful sunshine continues to shine outside, they’d rather be glued to the screen. If you worry that your child is enjoying too much device time then this blog is for you because we have some tips to share!

Tip Number 1 –¬†Weekend Device Time

Do you want to restrict how much time your child spends on a device during the weekend but don’t want be that nagging parent.. This tip is for you! Charge the device fully so that it’s ready for first thing Saturday morning. Your child can choose when they use their device and for how long. The catch is that once the full battery has run out, that’s it. Basically they get one full charge for the weekend but they get to choose how they use that battery power. One parent told us that it actually made her daughter forward plan her device time. She knew she had a quiet Sunday afternoon at home so she chose to keep more battery power for Sunday and did other activities on Saturday instead!

Tip Number 2 –¬†Switch the Wifi Password

You should have the ability to switch the wifi password at home, if not you can find out how to do this through your provider. This method works by switching the password each day, week or month, it depends how your family works. You set your child a list of things they need to achieve before they get the new wifi password. It might be chores, homework, visiting friends or family, whatever it is that needs to be done that day, week or month. Once they’ve finished and you’re happy then you give the password. Obviously this won’t work for those devices that have 3G or 4G but you get the idea.

Tip Number 3 – Play the Wifi Game

So you may already have a behaviour chart or something similar to encourage your child to behave appropriately and then rewarding them when they do. Well imagine a reward chart game specifically made for accessing the home wifi. You could include as many or as few steps as you like and on each step you would write what you want your child to do, behave like, practice etc. When they reach the end, they’re a WIFI WINNER!!

Do you have any other tips that may help other parents? Feel free to comment below!