Fathers Day Craft

Last Minute DIY card ideas

To celebrate Fathers Day on Sunday 17th June, we thought we’d share some quick, make at home, card craft ideas that the children can make ready for the weekend.

  • For the Welsh Dad – ‘I love Ewe!’ – Draw a sheep and use cotton wool with glue to decorate – easy peazy! You can use felt tips, googly eyes and black felt to decorate.
  • ‘You’re a Sweetie’ – Grab a pack of jelly beans, marshmallows or even Dad’s favourite sweets and glue them to a card. Voila!
  • ‘Worlds Best Dad’ – Scrumple some tissue paper in colours green and blue. Draw a large circle and using PVA glue, attach the tissue paper in the circle to create a world.
  • ‘Gold Star for Dad’  – Draw a star and use gold glitter to decorate. Alternatively use glow in the dark stickers and write ‘Dad, you light up my day’.
  • ‘You’re my Sunshine’ – This could be used as a Fathers Day poster. Draw a large sunshine and colour it in. Cut out a picture of Dad and glue it on the sunshine. Alternatively, cut out the sunshine and attach to a greeting card.

There are lots of other Fathers Day card ideas so if you have any, please leave a comment for us below!