About Mila and Pheebs

Making It Fit

A bit about Mila and Pheebs!

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Mila and Pheebs from creating box themes, designing activities, choosing craft kits and researching products. We spend hours searching for the best products that match our theme perfectly whilst ensuring we don’t duplicate any products from our previous boxes. We source our products from a variety of suppliers and because we are so specific over the items we use, sometimes our boxes can contain products from up to twelve separate suppliers! As you can imagine, we have lots of cardboard to recycle!

We plan our boxes in advance but do change products occasionally because sometimes whilst we may love a product, it is really important our boxes can fit through the letterbox and sometimes… items just do not fit. It can be really frustrating when an item we know our subscribers will love, just won’t fit and we have to find an alternative, The problem is, if our boxes didn’t fit through the letterbox then you’d get the little red slip to pop on down to your local depot which, when the weather is this glorious, you would rather be enjoying an ice cold drink in the garden instead (ok gin and tonic we’re not judging).

It’s been a challenge to ensure products fit in the boxes we have been using so it’ll be of no surprise that whilst we’re creating a new design for the boxes, we’re also creating a new size! The box will still fit in the letterbox but by making it slightly longer, we can make sure our boxes pass the Royal Mail measurements but without squishing everything in like an overloaded suitcase! We’re scheduling these boxes to be ready for our September posting so if you’re not yet a subscriber, today is the last day for you get in for our very first Mila and Pheebs custom designed boxes! Just click here to find out more.