May Newsletter

What’s been going on

May has been both a challenging and exciting month for the us at Mila and Pheebs. We had the launch of our new website which we started working on back in January. It was an overdue upgrade but one that we needed to do when we could invest properly. If you haven’t seen the blog about our new site you can read it here. Our site now allows card payments, free delivery and a whole new range of box themes for that perfect gift. However, a fabulous new website hasn’t been without it’s obstacles.
I landed in Spain to visit my parents with both girls and my brother in tow. As soon as I swithed aeroplane mode off I was greeted with dozens of Paypal cancellation notifications. Not the best start to a weeks holiday! It’s at times like these that I’m extremely grateful that I have a good relationship with my subscribers because I was able to contact most of you and tell you there was an issue. To be honest, many of you had asked me the question before I had the Paypal notification. The basic reason for the error was that when the website ‘switched over’, Paypal thought it was a security breach so as a precaution, cancelled all subscription payments. It’s unfortunate they didn’t check with me or my web developers before disrupting payments like that but I do like that their security is tight. Anyways, we should now have fixed all the issues and I know most of you contact me direct if there’s any questions and I’m always on hand for my customers. I have included a little something from me in the June subscription box for those affected, it’s my way of apologising for the inconvenience and I really do appreciate all the feedback from those of you who messaged me so thank you so much.

This was a blip in the normally well oiled Mila and Pheebs machine so your subscriptions should resume as normal and again apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for sticking with us!

Here’s to a fantastic June everyone!