Mila and Pheebs’ Summer Holidays Survival Guide

So it’s finally the summer holidays, and the kids are on a sugar high for six weeks straight. As our company’s CEO has two tots herself, we understand that it can be hard to survive the break without being left traumatised.

Here’s a few ideas, hints and tricks for the summer holidays, to inspire our mummies and daddie

1. First of all, Get Organised.

Summer holidays for parents can be incredibly stressful. You’ve got one kid waking up and telling you they’ve got a play date they swore they told you about, but you were more focused on finding where the cat food was in the shops. Grab a diary and ask your kids when they want to see their friends, or where they want to go and start writing down days. Even if they’re preliminary, at least you’ve got days down that you can come back to and confirm once the time is closer.

Even better, if you have a group of friends who all have children, organise a ‘play date rota’ where you can give each other a day off now and then and take turns in childcare.

2. Get crafty!

As we all know, summer break can be expensive. Kids want to do anything and everything, and obviously do not have a concept of money. Taking time to go to an arts and crafts shop and buying colourful and shiny fabrics for the kids to get creative with can be inexpensive, and are a way to keep your kids occupied without simply putting a screen in front of them. Alternatively, Mila and Pheebs offer stationery and activity boxes to your door, without the hassle of having to scavenge for craft goodies.

3. Pack it

Why not pack a ‘survival bag’. I don’t mean Bear Grylls’ style, but maybe a go bag with a change of clothes, sun cream, snacks, and any essentials you feel like you need in one place. That way, it saves you a lot of hassle on the day out where you’re trying desperately to remember everything you need, before getting to the destination and realised you left the snacks on the kitchen countertop.

4. Have a staycation day out! – Get researching

Not all of us can afford to have a couple weeks in the sun. However, the UK is big, and wherever you are, you can’t be more than a couple hours away from a tourist attraction that hopefully both you and your kids can enjoy.

To make things easy, we have compiled a list of some of the things you can do in your region of the UK. To our international customers, next time you’re in the UK, consider this list an inspiration for some of the places you can visit.  


As a company based in South Wales, we recognise that there’s a lot of things to do with the kids. Here are some of our favourites that you could try out.

  • Oakwood theme park, Pembrokeshire
  • Folly Farm, Pembrokeshire
  • Cadw’s Castles – several across the country so pick one near you!
  • Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways
  • Techniquest – Located in Cardiff Bay, there’s loads of brilliant science experiments and optical illusions that the kids can be occupied with.

North/ Midlands

  • Mr Mulligan’s space golf, Newcastle Upon Tyne – mini golf, but with a fun twist.
  • National Science and Media Museum, Bradford – Brilliant to relive your favourite films and tv shows when you were younger with your own kids.
  • York Dungeons, York
  • Eureka! The national children’s museum, Halifax
  • Cadbury’s World, Birmingham – Any excuse to be able to eat chocolate all day. Adults like sugar too!


  • Bounce indoor trampoline park, Bletchley
  • Legoland, Windsor
  • The Roald Dahl Museum, Great Missenden
  • Go see a show at Chichester festival theatre – Known for its high energy performances and work with the local community.
  • Eden project – Show your kids how beautiful and fun nature can be.


  • Kidzania, Shepherd’s Bush – An indoor role play centre, where your kids can dress up as whatever they want to be when they grow up.
  • Bounce, Old street – A ping pong bar that’s family friendly? Yes please!
  • Madame Tussaud’s
  • London Dungeons
  • Warner Brother’sSstudios London – The making of Harry Potter – relive the classic film series by walking onto sets, seeing all the props and more.

We hope this guide helped you to prepare for the Summer ahead, and remember… the holidays are not just for kids, but for the adults too!