Mila & Pheebs March Newsletter

Mila & Pheebs

March updates and What’s coming up!

So we thought we’d introduce our monthly newsletter written by Alexis our founder so you can see what’s been happening behind the scenes at M&P HQ, updates from our packing parties and all sorts in between! We hope you find it fun and it gives you an insight into how we do things at Mila & Pheebs.

What’s been happening behind the scenes?

Hi guys! How has your March 2019 been? Can you believe we’re a quarter into the year already? I know people say when you have children that time flies by my gosh, they were right!!

Ok so what’s been going on this month? I recently started doing insta-stories again. I’m not the best at remembering to story simply because I’m not in the habit of being on social media a lot personally or for business so I really have to remember to check in. It’s been so much fun though! It’s usually just me sharing snippets of daily life at Mila & Pheebs so please pop over, chat, send DM’s, I’d love to hear from you! I have been sharing offers, new releases and even fails too! Like the mini felts for the American Diner box that came from suppliers but were completely dried up! Needless to say, when the second batch were no good, they didn’t make it into the box which was a pity because I had visions of them becoming tiny tomato sauce and mustard in the packaging but never mind!

Packing Party was so much fun this month. We had two birthday celebrations for our girls Caroline and Ambia. We have monthly packing parties where our subscription boxes are packed and labelled so whenever there’s an event or birthday, we celebrate that too. However, now the weather is changing everyone seems to be ‘on a healthy’ meaning they’re stripping back on the treats so instead of our usual huge birthday cake that we snack on all evening, we had cupcakes instead. Little changes and all that!!

What’s new this month?

So we’ve just updated our Pinterest board to include a Spring craft ideas to give inspiration for having crafty fun during this fantastic season. Spring is my favourite season so I’m so excited! Last year in the UK we seemed to skip from Winter straight to Summer so I’m thrilled to see the daffodils and gorgeous green grass this year. We’ve done a stock take too and still have some Spring and April Showers boxes in stock so we’ve updated our website with these. There’s only a few left and we won’t be making more so we want to make sure people know about them.

We also released new box themes on our website which are now available – Journey to Outer Space and Ice Cream Parlour. We get quite a few requests for different themes so we’re trying our best to make sure our subscription are gender neutral and we’re also providing what our customers (and awesome young stationery lovers and crafters) want too!

What’s coming up next month?

We’re working on our April subscription box, we’ve decided to start revealing the box themes on the 1st of the month so watch out tomorrow to see what April’s theme will be!

We do have some super exciting plans for the summer too which includes designing wedding boxes for people to give to children so they’re entertained all day long. I’m so excited because Pete and I are getting married in May so we will be trialling our boxes, getting feedback, refining and then launching so watch this space!!


Don’t forget to keep up to date on our blog where we share fun facts, craft ideas, helpful parenting tips and lots more! Here’s to a great April!