National Stationery Week

What’s happening?

It’s National Stationery Week where we celebrate everything stationery related!
Obviously the team at Mila and Pheebs love this week because we can indulge in all
our favourite things; pens, pencils, erasers, rulers and everything in between.
National Stationery Week is now in its seventh year and is proving more popular each
year. One of its main aims is to promote handwriting and let’s be honest, in a world
which is becoming more digital, a good way to encourage people to practice their
handwriting skills is by dedicating an entire week to it! It also encourages people to spell
the word stationery correctly! The way I remember is ‘e’ for envelope which of course, is
relatable to stationery.

So what’s on during this week?
Each day is dedicated to a different aspect of stationery, here’s the weeks schedule
with some inspiration from us;
● Monday 23rd April – #makeanote
Treat yourself to a new memo pad that fits in your handbag and jot down any
reminders or things on your ‘to-do’ list. We especially like this mermaid tail notepad from
● Tuesday 24th April – #penandpencil
You can never have too many pens or pencils so if you’re looking for something unusual
to make those notes then you may like the funky unicorn pen by NPW – you can buy it in our shop.
● Wednesday 25th April – #stationerytheworldover
This day celebrates with the London Stationery Show. It’s an annual event and one the
Mila and Pheebs team had pleasure in attending last year. We found new suppliers,
cool stationery and even a notebook maker. We’ve even started planning designs for
when we want to make our own notebooks (watch this space!)
● Thursday 26th April – #workhappy
There is nothing more annoying than working on an important report for work and
wanting to highlight something but the highlighter has dried out! Anyone else had this
problem? If so, why not treat yourself to this cool highlighter wheel?
● Friday 27th April – #aplaceforeverything
Do your children have so many stationery items that it’s taking over every drawer in your
home? You may want to invest in this rainbow coloured storage unit from B&Q. You can
also get it in Hobbycraft and the Range. We have one in the Mila and Pheebs studio
and it’s great for storing lots of our stationery and craft items but helps brighten up the
room too!
● Saturday 28th April – #getcrafty
It wouldn’t be the weekend without a bit of crafty goodness now would it! And what
better way to get crafty than with one of our Mila and Pheebs stationery and craft
activity boxes! We’ve created some brand new editions including Mystical Garden and
Walk the Plank. You can find them all in our Gift Boxes section.
● Sunday 29th April – #signaturesunday

Finally the week ends with Signature Sunday and we thought you’d like what one
#stationeryaddict has done with her bank card..








I bet you’d all love to put your signature on that bank card!
We hope you have lots of fun during National Stationery Week and if you want you can
find out more throughout the week using the hashtags #natstatweek and