Oh for Elf’s sake.. 15 in 15

15 ideas that take just 15 minutes

Elf on a Shelf Ideas

It’s 11.05pm and you’re about to fall asleep and you suddenly remember you haven’t moved Mr Twinkles into a new, mischievous position!! Jump out of bed, frantically think of an idea, move the elf and get back into bed.. phew!

Until, the same happens the next night and you’re suddenly wishing it was Christmas Eve so you don’t need to worry about it any more!

It’s ok, we have some ideas for you!

15 Elf on the Shelf Ideas that take 15 minutes or less

1. Cold Elf – Wrap elf in a flannel, teatowel or hand towel and place next to something cold in the fridge.

2. Piggy Back Elf – Get a toy and give elf a piggy back from the toy.

3. Doctor Elf – Find the toy doctor or vet kit, grab the stethoscope, put the ear pieces on the elf and the other end on a cuddly toy.

4. Baking Elf – Pull the cake making ingredients from the cupboard, put elf nearby with a written note ‘Do you want to bake cakes later?’

5. Hide & Seek Elf – Put elf in the utensil drawer in a ‘squished’ position.






6. Artist Elf – Grab a colouring box and crayons, be very creative with the colouring and finish by putting the crayon in the elf’s hand.

7. Shaving Elf – Put a razor in elf’s hands with some shaving foam on his face. (Ensure this one is out of reach)

8. Toasty Elf – Make a slice of toast and put on top of elf like a blanket. Place a note nearby saying ‘It’s cold outside but I’m feeling toasty!’

9. Strict Elf – Write a note saying ‘Will not work for naughty children – I’m on strike’ and place in elf’s hands.

10. Greedy Elf – Open a packet of sweets or crisps and place elf’s head inside. Scatter some of the sweets or crisps near elf’s feet.





11. Snow-Angel Elf – Use cake sprinkles, cereals, flour or anything else in the cupboard. Place elf on top and move his arms to show a snow angel type pose.

12. Roly Poly Elf – Grab a toilet roll and put the elf through the middle. Then start the toilet roll off at the top of the stairs and pull until you’re in the middle so it looks like elf has rolled down the stairs.

13. Get all the craft gear out (including the items from all your Mila and Pheebs boxes! Don’t have anything? Grab a Christmas box here) and put a note in elf’s lap saying ‘Let’s make Christmas cards!’

14. Grab some plasters, put one on elf’s mouth and one around his hands. Put elf in ‘danger’ like he’s been kidnapped.

15. Place some toys by the tree, put elf and a camera in front so it looks like elf is taking a photo.





Hopefully these will get you started and we’ll add more to keep you going throughout December!