Our business name – Mila and Pheebs

Where does our business name come from?

Our business name originated in 2016 when we needed a new name and logo. Our first name was Strawbees Designs but there were potential trademark issues, plus difficulty in the spelling! So we thought it would be best to change names from the outset.

There were lots of ideas thrown in but eventually we settled on Mila and Pheebs. Alexis and Pete founded the business and their twins are called Milena and Phoebe. It’s safe to say our business name was inspired by the twins! View our video featuring Milena and Phoebe here. At the time we asked a few friends and family what they thought of the name and everyone loved it so the name stuck!

Alexis – ‘At the time we weren’t sure about naming the business after the girls but now we wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m looking forward to the day when they realise the business was started, inspired and named after them. The business and the twins have grown together so it will be nice to explain that to them one day.’

Many people pronounce our name as ‘My-la and Feebs’ but it is actually pronounced ‘Me-la and Feebs’. We feature our name on most items within our subscription boxes, including on the box itself too.

In future years we want to expand our offering and we’re very happy that our business name can expand with us. One day, maybe we’ll create our very own Mila and Pheebs stationery products! Watch this space!