Outdoor Craft Idea

Painting Pebbles

Look at this great idea we found on Instagram from Arty Crafty Kids. The painted stones represent different types of leaves to indicate the changes that happen to trees through the seasons how cool!!




Pebble painting is really easy to do at home and you can make a day trip to collect your stones or pebbles.  You simply decorate them with paint, chalk or felt pens. Remember to use light colour pebbles if using felt pens or you can even paint them white before decorating. If you can’t use pebbles, why not draw, colour and cut out your own leaves?



We also found this amazing idea from A Girl and a Glue Gun – you put different colour crayons onto a hot pebble and watch it melt into amazing patterns! You can see the video tutorial here


Bonus idea – While we were looking at painted pebbles, we realised there are groups built around painted pebbles! You can decorate your pebbles in any way you like, hide them and let other pebble hunters find them! Our local one is on Facebook – Caerphilly Smilestones and there’e also South Wales Milestones. Why not find your local group and join in?