Fun Make-at-Home Craft

Pom Pom Cupcakes

There are so many cupcake crafts available online but when we found this one on Pinterest we just had to share it with you.


These pom pom cupcakes can be made in lots of different colours and you make them in different sizes whilst adding different decoration. The options are endless!


You start with a pom pom maker – we’ve popped instructions on how to make one from cardboard here.

Coordinate your wool to match your cupcake cases.

Use PVA glue to attach your pom pom inside the cupcake case, sit it neatly inside and wait for the glue to dry

You could even make tiny red pom poms to use as cherries to top the cupcake or use glitter, sequins or even real hundreds and thousands!

Happy cupcake crafting everyone!