Pumpkin Carving Inspiration

Helping you with some Halloween ideas!

pumpkin carving

Pumpkin Carving Inspiration

What would Halloween be without a pumpkin or two? If you’re looking for something more inspirational than the standard grinning face this year, it might be time to get a few expert ideas. If you’re ready to be really creative this Autumn, we’ve got some suggestions for you that both you and your kids are going to love.

The Polka Dot Pumpkin

If you happen to have an apple corer to hand, you can create a polka dot pumpkin that’s super-easy to make but pretty impressive to look at. Simply scoop out all of the pumpkin flesh and then poke the apple corer into the outside of the pumpkin to cut small perfectly round holes right through to the inside. Repeat this until you have holes all over the pumpkin’s surface. The light will shine through beautifully making this a simple yet effective lantern to put in your front window.

Toothpick Teeth

If you think you’re lacking in artistic skills but want a pumpkin that’s a little scarier than the average, a toothpick teeth jack-o-lantern ticks all the boxes. No harder to carve than any ordinary grinning face, you simply add broken toothpicks into the mouth to make terrifying needle-sharp teeth. It’s really easy to do but surprisingly effective and your pumpkin face is going to be the spookiest in the neighbourhood!

The Night Sky

Why not try something completely different this Halloween and go for a night sky theme for your pumpkin. No more challenging to carve than a basic face, a crescent moon and a few stars of varying sizes can be cut out of the pumpkin and then you can paint its outside with a coat of black paint. Add a few sprays of gold for a little extra sparkle and you’ll have a beautiful and unusual pumpkin to display.

A Pumpkin Whale

If you’re looking for something unusual to do with your pumpkin that doesn’t involve putting a candle in it, you can make a pumpkin whale centrepiece instead. Even easier than carving a standard jack-o-lantern, you just cut your pumpkin in half, carve a small pair of eyes and a smile into one half and then cut a tail shape out of the other. Lay the body and tail on a plate and then pile popcorn around it to create the illusion of a whale swimming through the sea. Cute and completely different!


This is similar to the night sky theme, but in some ways even easier. All you need to do is find the patterns of some of the best known constellations. Scoop the flesh out of your pumpkins, paint them black and then poke holes through in the correct shapes for the constellation, scoring the lines between the with a scoring tool. Simple and effective, especially if you put a few of these together on your porch or front drive ready to greet the neighbours and trick-or-treaters!

Finally – we thought we’d throw in some images for you to copy – how good are your carving skills?!

Disney inspired

minnie pumpkin 






superman pumpkin






Word Pumpkins!

witch pumpkin 





So, there you have it, a few creative pumpkin carving ideas that will make trick-or-treaters notice your house this Halloween!