Something New in Kids Stationery!

Introducing MP Selections!

kids stationery

Kids Stationery has never been so cool!!

We know how many of you love our boxes but we also know that some of you have had to leave us… Not because you want to but simply because your child has become a bit too old for our current Mila and Pheebs boxes. We totally understand but we have been wanting to provide something so you don’t have to go forever!

So we thought we’d introduce a new line… Welcome to… MP Selections!

This range includes items we think our older fans will enjoy and includes product bundles!!

It is very new so we’re working hard behind the scenes to fine tune everything but so far you can expect;

  • Novelty Stationery Products
  • Notebooks and Writing Materials
  • Squishy Pencil Cases
  • Nail Stickers
  • Plus themed product bundles – buy items as a bundle and save!

Sound good? Click here to see what we have so far!!

If you or your child have any suggestions or ideas of what you’d like us to offer please get in touch, we’d love your feedback!