Ultimate Pancake Day Guide for Parents & Kids!

Pancake Day Ideas!

It’s pancake day on Tuesday so we’d thought we’d give you the Ultimate Pancake Day Guide for Parents and Kids with free printable!!

Where did Pancake Day come from?

Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday is a Christian tradition. It is the last day of feasting before begins on the following day, Ash Wednesday.

Why are American and British pancakes different?

America pancakes are made with a raising agent such as baking powder. This gives them a thicker consistency. British pancakes are made without the raising agent so the mixture is runny and quite thin. This means British pancakes have a consistency like a crepe.

How do you make an easy British pancake?

  • Grab a mixing bowl, pour in one cup of plain flour.
  • Using the same cup for measuring, pour in one cup of milk.
  • Add one egg and whisk together until all mixed evenly. You can add a pinch of salt if required.
  • Cook in your favourite frying pan with a bit of butter. Remember to flip over and cook the other side!
  • Add your favourite toppings. We have suggestions for you below….

Popular sweet pancake toppings:

When it comes to pancakes, there’s no rules but here are some of the most popular toppings for your pancakes. Lemon juice, sugar, raspberries, cream, strawberries, ice cream, chocolate spread, raisins, bananas, desiccated coconut, maple syrup, jam and some even enjoy a custard covered pancake!

Entertain the Kids this Pancake Day

So making pancakes is one thing but make it super fun for the kids with these pancake race ideas. We’ve even added a free printable scorecard for you!

Pancake Race

Race from one end of the garden or street to the other and the first person to reach the end without dropping their pancake, wins.

Last flipper standing

All children begin flipping their pancakes at the same time. Keep going until there’s only one person left, they win.

Flip me to the Moon!

Have a judge stand in front. The children all stand in a row and one at a time, flip their pancake as high as they can. The person who flips their pancake the highest, wins.

How many flips in 1 minute

Using a timer, count how many flips each person can do in one minute. The one with the most flips wins.

Free Printable

Click here for your free Pancake Day Printable