We’re Making Some Changes

Positive changes for the better

Iceland Advert

Have you seen the banned Iceland Advert this week? You can only watch it on youtube because it’s been banned for mainstream television because it’s deemed to breach political advertising rules. Iceland are trying to raise awareness of how the rainforest habitat of orangutans is being destroyed so that more palm olive can be grown. Iceland have vowed to remove palm olive from it’s own brand food and this advert was meant to bring further awareness to the public. There’s no doubt that we are now more aware of the damage we’re causing to the planet and retailers are using their resources to bring these issues to the forefront.

Blue Planet

Did you see the Blue Planet series? It focused on how plastic is ruining our sealife and waters and the damages that occur over a period of time. It is amazing that the daily choices we make have a significant long term impact of everything around us and it’s great that there is a highlight of the issue so we may ensure a stronger, better world for the next generation, including our children.

Making changes…

That said, we have been looking at our products and how we package them. We have a selection of products at Mila and Pheebs which are produced by other suppliers, for example the very popular Neon Rainbow Block Crayon which is from our supplier NPW. We have limited control over how these items are packaged because we only receive them as a finished product.

However, we do have control over our subscription boxes.

Paper Bag Packaging

If you already have a young subscriber in your household, firstly thank you for subscribing and secondly, you’ll know that in each box, we have multiple items including craft kits that match each theme. We have previously used cellophane bags to keep each craft kit separate and ensure each kit has the pieces required in a tidy bag so they’re not loosely held inside the box.






Recently, we have started using paper bags in different designs and colours. Not only do the bags add to the look and feel of each theme (we have white & silver snowflake bags ready for ‘Christmas Wishes’ this month) but they are also recyclable. The bags can be reused too.






The current boxes we use are fully recyclable as are the greeting cards, envelopes and activity sheets. We do hope to continue with this progress so that eventually everything within our Mila and Pheebs boxes will be entirely re-usable, recyclable and have future uses.

If you have any suggestions on how we can make our items even more ‘planet friendly’ then please let us know, we’d love to hear any ways to improve.