We’re taking a break…

Did you hear Mila and Pheebs were taking a break in 2020? We’ve asked Alexis the founder to explain her decision to take a break and what the future holds for Mila & Pheebs.

Anyone who knows me personally knows I love to share experiences and knowledge from running my own business so when people ask me why I’m taking a break from Mila and Pheebs I thought it would be useful to explain….

The Hackathon

Back in June this year Welsh ICE, the co-working space where my office is based, ran the Caerphilly Hackathon and as part of the event myself and Francesca of Lunax Digital together with Clare and Adam of Caerphilly Council created a business idea called SWAPP – a skills sharing platform whereby people exchange their time instead of money. We pitched our idea on the day in front of four judges and were so excited when our idea won! We received the £500 prize and planned to buy a pink sofa for our office but the journey didn’t end there. Only a few days later we were officially asked by Caerphilly Council to submit our idea as part of the Foundational Economy Fund with a chance to make the idea come to life. Fran and I had only two days to turn it around. We submitted our application and honestly thought very little about it until we received an email in October congratulating us on our successful application for £100k funding. A surprise to say the very least!

In the meantime, it was business as usual but many of our customers don’t know that whilst I’m busy packing boxes each month, I’m also balancing books for clients.….

The Lex Approach

In May 2019 I got married abroad and it was during this time away I’d decided to go back to my financial roots and start my own bookkeeping practice. I gained clients really quickly as I knew people who were actively looking for help with their accounts and I started The Lex Approach. It’s primarily bookkeeping but also helping with processes and business support but I wanted to keep this fairly low key at the start so I could keep Mila & Pheebs subscriptions and orders going efficiently too. 

Mila & Pheebs

I’ve been running Mila & Pheebs since May 2016, starting from the kitchen table to now fulfilling subscriptions and orders from the Pink Office at Welsh ICE. Our loyal subscribers will know that we create themed boxes full of stationery and craft kits with fun activity sheets and a newsletter packed full of fun facts and jokes. It’s amazing when we receive the competition entries from all our young subscribers and how your ideas come to life. It’s a very fulfilling job to create and source products that spark creativity and is the very reason I started the business in the first place.

So why are we taking a break from M&P? 

The Decision

Since the news that we’d won the SWAPP funding I had been evaluating what roles, work and activity I enjoy the most in my working day. It turns out that bookkeeping is something I gravitate towards without realising so it seemed natural to concentrate on this as my core business. But SWAPP is a great opportunity to really make a difference in the community so that also needed to be priority. Mila and Pheebs is my longest business and whilst it is my baby I grew from the kitchen table, it is also the vehicle that has helped put me in the position I’m in right now. Without M&P, there’s no way I would have even attended the Hackathon, nevermind won it and gone on to win the funding. It just feels like the right time to take a break, embrace a new challenge and see where it takes me.

The future for Mila & Pheebs remains positive too because we’ve had Christmas cards from our subscribers asking us when we’ll be back and we have ideas to launch when the time is right to come back. Watch this space and we wish you the absolute best wishes for 2020.