World Friendship Day

30th July 2018

world friendship day

World Friendship Day is is on Monday and it got us thinking about the importance of making friends at such an early age. How many of you still have friends that you made in school? Do you think it’s important to have friends for years or do you make friends easily?

Essentially people can make friends from any age but it is easier to make friends when you’re young and care free. It’s so lovely when your child makes a random friend in a playground who they’ve never met before but they can happily enjoy role plays or the swings together. Do your children make friends easily? Perhaps your child is really shy and finds it intimidating to socialise in large groups. Do you have any tips for us to share?

Making friends can be easy for most but we do need to remember that for others it can take longer so it’s nice that there’s a actually a day that marks the importance of friendship and accepting others.┬áIf you’d like to find out more information on World Friendship Day the Daily Mail put this article together and if you have any friendship stories that you’d like to share please leave a comment below.